Friday, January 21, 2011

Richard Dumbrill and Michael Levy (BAR and YouTube)

The above videos are by Michael Levy (top) and Richard Dumbrill (bottom). They are two different arrangements of Prof. Dumbrill's reconstruction of the famous Hurrian cult hymn described on this link to the "Daily News" of Biblical Archaeology Review. Prof. Dumbrill's version is the strict reconstruction with a slight accompaniment added; Mr. Levy's version is the "klezmer" version, with more improvisation (but with the virtue of actually being played on a lyre).

Prof. Dumbrill is associated with ICONEA, which has seminars from time to time as well as an annual conference (YouTube video). This year's conference is on the oud, itself the predecessor to the Western lute.

John Wheeler (יוחנן רכב)

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