Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cantorial Music and Cantillation (Nusach)

In addition to the links associated with the journal Musica Judaica and its publishers in the previous post (and now in the left-hand margin of this blog), there are these very useful links to cantorial music and to the art of traditional cantillation (nusach) itself.

- John Wheeler (יוחנן רכב)

"The Role of Ethnomusicology in the Study of Jewish Music"

One article that I've found extremely helpful as an overview of the problems associated with the study of synagogue cantillation and its relationship to Temple chant is an article by Johanna Spector, "The Role of Ethnomusicology in the Study of Jewish Music", in Musica Judaica, Volume IV. Number 1, 5742/1981-82, p. 20ff. In looking for this article online, I found other references of interest - including the fact that Suzanne Haik-Vantoura isn't listed on an associated page dedicated solely to women and Jewish music (the only one, allegedly, of its kind). Nor is she listed in this journal's contents at all, even in a book review.

Clearly something ought to be done about these lacks. Will I have the time and energy?

- John Wheeler (יוחנן רכב)